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We have been working in the Watersports industry for over 2 decades, and know this amazing industry inside out, hence the name.


We have vast experience in everything you need to know about setting up, building and running watersports and adventure parks,  hosting grassroot events  to large scale pro events. From our roots on Lake Windermere, to co-organising huge events like the 15,000 people Wakestock Festival and running parks like Adventure Dock or Wild Shore Delamere, We have years of experience and understand what products and services you require. 

“Industry Wake Parks offer the complete turn key cable package, from the earliest planning stage to the post installation operators training they made our cable park dreams a reality!”

Colin Harris , Wake Dock, Dublin

We offer the following products: 

  • Union Aqua Parks 

  • Aqua Chimp

  • Sesitec System 2.0, 2 Tower Wakeboard Cable. 

  • Portable and Outdoor On-Land Changing Facilities and Kit Stores 

  • Union Wetsuits and Buoyancy Aids


We offer the following services: 

  • Business plan development 

  • Park layout advice and design for on-water and on-land requirements 

  • Planning consultation 

  • Local stakeholders meetings 

  • Grant searches and application form submissions 

  • Installation and groundworks

  • Staff training 

  • Numerous after sales support options, including events and  additional staff training 

  • RLSS Open Water Lifeguard Courses 

  • System 2.0 Operators & Instructors Exams 

  • Maintenance 

  • Aqua Park de-installation, cleaning, storage and re-installation 

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