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The easiest way to shorten the life span of your aqua park, no matter which brand you use, is not cleaning, drying and storing it correctly over winter. 

The aqua park elements need to be removed from the lake, deep cleaned, 100% fully dried, polished with PVC protection spray and then stored in a dry and safe location. If the elements are damp in storage, the life span of the product rapidly deteriorates. At our workshop, we have a specialty designed area, for cleaning aqua parks and then drying them in an indoor heated space. 


We offer the following services: 

  • Aqua Park de-installation from your lake 

  • Deep clean

  • Indoor heated drying area to dry the products 

  • Full polish 

  • Storage 


The most effective way to clean and dry the elements is at our workshop, but we can also offer this service at your park, subject to you having appropriate space for cleaning and drying. 

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